ATIB is a small collective of artists and designers that was established in 2015 for the Ventura Lambrate exhibition in Milan. Although they met one another in London, they now reside in 4 different countries and come from various backgrounds. Each explores materials in a unique way and the unusual processes and concepts are what draws them together. Their title, All Things In Between references materials that do not always fit inside of traditional brackets. While their individual work and designs are used for many different applications, often the outcomes exist somewhere in between categories.

For LDF they will present Substanz in an intimate space in West Kensington Design District. The show will be designed and approached as a kabinet of curiosity and relates directly to the tradition of a German Wunderkammer. They will exhibit a combination of processes taken from nature and manmade representations of nature through the transformation of materials. The materials on view will be available to designers in all different fields from architecture to fashion. They encourage visitors to come, look, think and reflect on how they can integrate new practices into their designs.


Daniela Toledo is a narrative driven designer based between Santiago and Shenzhen working across the fields of Textiles, Product and Communication design. Having grown up in her paternal family's furniture factory Daniela is fascinated by the entire process that makes raw matter become a product; heavily influenced by her tailor grandmother Daniela became obsessed with textiles and has increasingly been integrating this materiality to her design projects. A restless conceptual approach define her practice which led her to work for Denkwerk in Cologne where the project Skarv was awarded with a Red Dot, a Webby and an iF Award for creating a wearable device which is ‘highly innovative and simply charming’ through the integration of textiles and digital interaction. .


Malai is a studio based in Kerala, India founded by Zuzana Gombosova and Susmith CS specialising in research, design and development of bio-based materials.
Malai is inspired by the beauty and purity of natural materials, and by the life-cycle and ecology of the coconut palm in particular. Zuzana and Susmith work in close partnership with the local banana farmers and coconut processing units in region of South India in order to establish a unique sourcing system for their primary raw materials - banana stem fibres and Bacterial Cellulose grown on water from mature coconuts.
The duo and their initiative are finalists of Design Impact Awards (India) and their work have been featured in multiple international media like Dolce Vita (CZ), Soffa magazine (CZ) and the Deccan Chronicle (IN). They seek to establish partnerships with designers, makers and manufacturers to test the feasibility of their materials for different applications.


Dawn Bendick is an artist working with time, light and glass. Her most recent series of sculptures titled Time Rocks are cast in dichroic glass and take inspiration from the shifting colour and textures created by natural light on the exterior surfaces of ancient stone buildings. Bendick's sculptures use artificial light in combination with dichroic glass, exploring how natural time sequences can be mimicked through manmade constructs. While natural stone may turn shades of earth tones under light and shadow from the sun, Time Rocks change from warm vibrant tones to dramatic colours of neon green and blue under controlled light sources. In this regard, these pieces are designed as meditative informants that signal what she describes as Peripheral Time Keeping: the tracking of time through subtle changes that happen around us on a continuous basis.


Sophie Rowley is a material designer based in Berlin.
With an academic background in textile design, she completed the MA Material Futures at Central Saint Martins in London in 2014.
Through an endless process of research and experimentation, she pushes the physicality of materials to their limits, revealing new features and hidden unexpected aesthetics. Using a wide range of techniques, her approach focuses on sustainability and innovative material development.
She explores alternative sources and methods of material production by developing speculative inventions that could find applications in the future. Next to her own work she develops bespoke material studies and concepts for brands and creatives, helping them to repurpose their own waste in more unique and experimental ways whilst looks beyond the standard aesthetics found in recycled materials..

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